Mr. H.V. Kanoria

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Harsh Vardhan Kanoria (age – 63 years) is the Head of...
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Mrs. M. Kanoria


Mrs. Malati Kanoria (age – 62 years) also holds directorships in several...
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Mr. S. Dhandhania

Independent Director

Mr. Sushil Dhandhania (age - 63 years) is a director of the...
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Mr. N. Nayar

Independent Director

Mr. Navin Nayar (age - 56 years) has been appointed a Director...
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Mr. P.K. Khaitan

Independent Director

Mr. Padam Kumar Khaitan (age - 65 years) is a Director of...
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Mr. U. Kanoria


Mr. Utkarsh Kanoria (aged – 26 years) is son of Mr. H.V....
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Mrs. Rashmi Prashad

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mrs. Prashad, aged 59 years, is a graduate. She is the Managing...
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