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Cheviot Company Limited [CCL] The Year 1897. The day 27th December… a day which saw the birth of a company incorporated in the name of Delta Jute Mills Company Limited (DJML). Subsequently, the name of DJML was changed to Budge Budge Amalgamated Mills Limited (BBAML), whose name was further changed to Cheviot Company Limited (CCL). The Company came under the exclusive management of Kanoria family in 1976. The Jute Mill of the Company is located at 19, Mehta Road, Budge Budge in District 24 Parganas of West Bengal. CCL has been a producer of traditional jute products like sacking and hessian. It is to the credit of the Company that while in the 1980s many jute companies fared quite indifferently, the Company managed to retain a healthy growth and went ahead with the modernization of their manufacturing facilities. In March 2003 the Company set up an 100% EOU unit at Sector II, Falta Export Processing Zone, Falta, West Bengal, adding another feather to its cap, for its increasing focus on exports. CCL today has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of fine jute yarn. Cheviot Agro Industries Private Limited [CAIPL] Incorporated on 15-07-1863, CAIPL owns property 1500 Hectares of tea garden at Binnakandy Tea Estate, in district Cachar, Assam out of which 600 Hectares is being used for tea cultivation. The Company came under the present management in 1960. The Company's tea has consistently fetched the highest premium in auctions due to superior quality. The Company also markets its own packaged tea under the brand name "GOLDEN HORSE". Cheviot International Limited [CIL] Incorporated on 10.10.1984, CIL owns a 100% Export Oriented Unit which has been consistently Manufacturing and exporting quality leather garments, leather bags & accessories to leading brands in Europe. The Company has been awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Council for Leather Exports for the highest Unit value realization among all Leather garment exporters in India. GROUP CHEVIOT is focusing on the future with a global vision.

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